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Office Equipment Leasing

What is the best way to lease a copier or multifunction printer?

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  1. Is it better to lease or buy a copier? - Most businesses opt to lease a copier because the upfront expense is minimal. However, leasing is more expensive than purchasing a copier outright so it may make more financial sense to buy your copier if you have the cash flow available.
  2. Should I buy or lease a printer? - Less expensive: It is almost always less expensive in the long run to purchase a printer or copier than it is to lease one. ... Recoup investment: Even though a printer is a depreciating asset, a used printer can be sold if it's no longer needed, whereas a leased printer cannot
  3. How do printer leases work? - With Printer Leasing there is a contract between a finance company and the customer, giving the customer use of the equipment on payments of rentals over a period. When you lease equipment you make a series of regular (usually tri-monthly) payments, instead of a large capital outlay.

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